Kevin J

Kevin J emerged on the Urban Comedy scene in late 2008. In a field that is predominantly Black, the 23 year old became a familiar face after taking to two high profile comedy platforms; Kojo’s Comedy Fun House and Choice FM Comedy Club as well as being a part of the first ever televised ‘Urban’ Comedy showcase of its kind on Kojo’s Comedy Fun House Series which aired on MTV Base, the previously known class clown was not in a classroom anymore but alone on stage delivering a well polished set, creating that laughter and feel good atmosphere for his audiences and as a result made him a household name.

Kevin J progressed on the scene touring the UK, Universities and Wales performing at several well publicised venues such as The O2 Arena & IndigO2, HMV Apollo Hammersmith, Hackney Empire and Brixton Academy where each venue holds a minimum of a 1000 individuals, it was proof that Kevin J was taking the scene by storm. The 2009 Black Tie New Comer award winner had a boost of confidence after having to prove himself to a comic whom he grew up on watching and later went on tour with receiving their support and acknowledgement as a strong contending comic.

Since receiving such a timely award, Kevin J’s current status in the ‘Urban’ Comedy scene was rising to which he took advantage of and started his own comedy club; ‘I Love Comedy’. A monthly event that showed appreciation for comedy and was designed for all age groups and backgrounds to come together and enjoy the same vice. Keeping it in his neighbourhood Tottenham, the young comedian was fixed on having his own business as he didn’t see himself in higher education but more of a potentially successful entrepreneur. In light of this Kevin J’s comedy was based around his experiencens and cultural background of his surroundings. Being a Caucasain from ‘around the way’ living in Tottenham his experiences differed from
other comics.

‘I Love Comedy’ made its stamp running for over a year. The show which enhanced Kevin J’s hosting and entrepreneurial skills made him aware that he could bring comedy to the masses without changing who he was. He was once told that when he stepped on stage, to certain crowds he didn’t look like what was expected due to individual perceptions. Kevin J stood on several stages, saying the things that he said, not because it wasn’t expected but because it was what came naturally to him; breaking barriers and living his reality via comedy. In the end Kevin J left his audiences not only in stitches but with a different perception.

Challenge is something Kevin J thrives on. Breaking stereotypes and showing others that anything can be achieved if you work hard and persevere. In a bid to inspire the young up and coming comics Kevin J expressed that “The heckles and boos from audiences are as valuable as the round applause and laughter because both are teaching you something, what works and what doesn’t work”. His encouragement would be to go for it, as it reflects his own story of how he first took the stage at Corks Wine Bar for Kojo’s Comedy Fun House where he got the confidence to try something he knew nothing about, even when told that he shouldn’t do it. Kevin J is a prime example of a “Go getter”.

An International performer known in Nigeria & Ghana after performing at Virgin’s Atlantic 1 year anniversary, he is now on his way to Holland to share his views and experiences through laughter and broaden his fan base.

The future see’s the ‘I Love Comedy’ ambassador taking his craft and creativity further to higher heights and taking his comedy to the mainstream in his own way.  Having been doing comedy for just under 4 years Kevin J appears to have a lot in store for his fans. A one man show is on the cards for the future as well as TV and radio.

Kevin has taken to the stage at the Edinburgh Fringe…each occasion receiving rave reviews.

A stand up comedian for over 10 years, Kevin J regularly headlines shows at across the UK. Kevin’s unique take on the world has seen him perform across Europe, Africa and North America. 
 “A refreshing and important comedy voice” – The Sunday Times
“A fearsomely well-honed live performer, with a take on the world totally different to most comedians you’re likely to encounter” – The Guardian